The “enchanted forest on water ways” – April 25th

Via Dell'Acqua

The “enchanted forest on water ways” arrives in 2016 the nineteenth edition. The event is organized by the “La Via dei Mulini” and the cultural circle “At Mazarol” with the cooperation of U.S. Cisonese and the patronage of the Municipality and Pro Loco of Cison Valmarino. The event brings together schools, associations, artists and creative people. The event is made possible thanks to the spirit of free collaboration and strong commitment of many people. The initiative sees fact committed groups and organizations operating within the framework of disability and discomfort.
In recent years it has been part of this adventure: the CEOD “The Bud” Priula -CEOD Bridge “Soligo” Soligo – CEOD “Città di Conegliano” Conegliano – CEOD “Don Gnocchi” San Vendemiano – CEOD “At the hill” S. Martino Colle Umberto – Socio rehabilitation Center Health Authority 7 and Association Raggio di Luna – COOP Fenderl Vittorio Veneto – Institutes of Living for Elderly “S. Gregorio “Valdobbiadene – Alternative Coop. Vascon social – “La Casa di Alice” Childhood Center Cornuda – Vidor Sun Center – Youth and Community Association SER.T., Company Health Authority 7 – Department of Mental Health Together We Can – Community housing of Pullir (Cesiomaggiore) – Small Refuge Vittorio Veneto – Association Viezzer Soligo – School ValmarenoSHOTOkai – Elementary School Cison of Valmarino – state Art Institute of Cordenons – Accademia Belle Arti Venice – humanitarian Association Zikomo – Emergency Association – Tai Chi research Centre Italy.
On April 25 is the day of colors, words and music, in a unique natural context. The rock of the valley is in fact characterized by Rujo “Bujon” and water, the green fields, the timeless charm of the old mills, the colorful fantasies and magic of the woods, the scent of the trees. On the day of celebration, behind every bend in the trail comes a surprise: musicians, painters, poets and actors.
Also on May 1 at the shelter dei Loff, for some years now he repeats the appointment of dawn concert, evocative blend of the sunrise and the music. Many have now come to appreciate the wake-up call that takes them to the 6 as 1100 meters of the camp built under the “Croda del Gevero”. The musical suggestion and the vision of the valley of Rujo taking light and lights of the dawning day repays any fatigue

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Buongiorno possiamo esserti utile?