World Cup Skimountaineering Alpago Piancavallo 2017

Less than 40 km from Nonna Silla House will be held the World Cup alpine ski-Alpago Piancavallo 2017. The Organizing Committee presented the World Championships week scheduled from February 23 to March 2, 2017.

Mondiali Scialpinismo 2017

The World Championships, which will take place following the directives of the ISMF (International Skimountaineering Federation), will embrace two regions, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giuia, and two provinces, Belluno and Pordenone. A winning synergy that involves the two mountain areas such as Alpago and Piancavallo, territories united by the sharing of the mountains that connect them.
Accompanying the delegation coordinated by Diego Svalduz, President of the Organizing Committee, Mr Roger De Menech, and Enzo Sima, director of the ski center Piancavallo and Fisi National Council. In the slopes of the ski area from Friuli will be assigned, in the second part of the World Championship program, medals of the Vertical Race, the Sprint Race and Relay.
“Having a partner as important as the pole Ski Piancavallo – said Diego Svalduz – is also crucial to the guidance of the district there is a friend as Enzo Sima. Sima, with its men’s vision of “federation” and with his professionalism due to many years of work on the ski slopes, is a reference point for all organizational aspects. “” After the presentation of Modena, – continued Svalduz – with the rest of the Committee we are now gathered to continue the work that will lead us to the inauguration ceremony scheduled for Thursday, February 23. We are working to ensure that the World is a shared event and known by all, in addition to promoting our territories at the international level, we want our people, both in Alpago, both in Piancavallo, participates actively and is proud to be hosting such an important event among its mountains. ”
“Returning to the presentation of the World Cup, – concluded the president of the committee – I would like to personally thank Colonel Marco Mosso and blue ski touring of the Army Sports Centre. With the Army we have a close relationship that is born, thanks to Colonel Del Favero, in 2009 on the occasion of the European Championships. In view of the World Cup we started the bureaucratic procedure to have at our side the Alpine; the military, will be involved in both the more technical aspects, such as tracking and commissioning safety of routes both in logistics in the territory. ”
The next round for the World Cup alpine ski Alpago Piancavallo-2017 is set for next Friday when at Manzotti dealership Bridge in the Alps will be delivered the cars “Suzuki” official World Cup.

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