D+ Ultracycling Dolomitica 2017

D+ Ultraciclyng Dolomitica 2017

25th 26 th 27th August 2017 – Cison di Valmarino (TV)
624 KM 16.000 Mt D+

D + Ultracycling Dolomite (the new-old cycling) is a race does not stop in Italy, the whole of the Dolomites, which include the main features of the so-called competition long distance, is created for professionals and not, as a team (relay) or single (Without the support car and with the support car). This is the toughest challenge to the world.

The route is on roads open to traffic, and not marked by signs. The Ultracycler (and his crew) must respect the highway code and demonstrate, in addition to physical gifts, even strong reading of map and orientation skills.

mappa D+2016

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