he Enchanted Forest on the Water Ways

For the 21st year the Association “La Via dei Mulini” and the Cultural Club “Al Mazarol” propose some spring events in which schools, associations, artists and creative people will participate.

The twentieth edition of “The Enchanted Forest on the Water Ways” is for us associates of the Via dei Mulini a moment of reflection on our social activity, also seen the appreciation of the event by a large number of visitors.

The festival, organized every year on the occasion of both civil and religious anniversary April 25, was born in 1998 to make known the work done by the volunteers of the “The Way of the Mills and peasant culture” Committee, already committed since 1996 to clean the ” rujee “, the channels, the remains of the artifacts related to the activity of the mills. The people who had dedicated themselves to the “exhumation” had the objective to bring to light the evidence of industrial archeology that, for years, persisted in a state of abandonment, buried in the forest between grass and brambles, yet so relevant for their heritage cultural and historical that outlines the face of the Rujo valley.

In the same year the association “La Via dei Mulini” was formed, with the aim of enhancing and promoting these places and the same heritage, taking care of the Via dei Mulini route (until 2012 we were affiliated with the municipal authority for its care and maintenance), both with the editorial series of “I Quaderni del Mazarol”, now in its twentieth publication with the volume “Farina, ferro, lana, legno. The mills of the Valle del Soligo “. This latest publication is the result of the development of our commitment and is really arousing considerable interest. For us it is the confirmation that the original purpose that led to the birth of the association has developed in a concrete and consistent way in these twenty years.

Thus, “The Enchanted Forest on the Water Ways” becomes an opportunity to confirm this idea and we try to make sure that, in the existence of every day, this festival is repeated every day. It is important to be aware of the problems to be faced (and of the many to solve), but even more necessary is to remain sure that, in a respected and balanced environment, the harmony of our lives is not just the comforting dream of a day of celebration but a positive experience of life.

Another aspect of this event is acquiring increasing importance, year after year: in fact, thanks to the availability of many operators in the third sector, the festival gives an excellent opportunity to meet and learn about the work done by associations and bodies in the field. social, thanks to the help of professionals and volunteers who, both in private and public, work to improve the quality of life of people.

In conclusion: the twenty-first edition of “The Enchanted Forest on the Water Ways” (25/29 April – 1 May 2018) will be a real party !!

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