20 May 2015

Reservation and contacts

Casa di “Nonna Silla” is in Via Campomolino 8 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino

Phone 320.4304335

Email: info@nonnasilla.it

Daily fee in low season – Minimum stay 2 nights: 100 euro / night for 4 people.

Prices are approximate and indicate the daily rent of the whole house that is sold for a minimum of two nights. Call us for the prices!!!

The cost remains fixed from one up to a maximum of four people. – The availability is up to 6 beds qundi the excess is agreed for the individual case. – Kitchen, bathroom and totally independent living equipped with kitchenware, bedding and linens.

Tourist tax of 1 euro per person up to the first 5 nights to be calculated separately.

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