20 May 2015

Casa di Nonna Silla – Not only a Bed and Breakfast


Casa di Nonna Silla Esterno

Casa di Nonna Silla is a house we rent in Cison di Valmarino. Not only a Bed and Breakfast.

It is an independent house available for short term rentals in the historic town of Cison di Valmarino, near from Castelbrando (the Brandolini Castle), the Bosco delle Penne Mozze and five minutes from Follina.
In typical stone building Casa di Nonna Silla is a house over 3 floors with availability up to 6 beds.

The house “Nonna Silla” is composed of kitchen, living room on the ground floor with a double sofa bed.
On the first floor bathroom and twin room. Double room on the third floor.
Small private courtyard with outdoor covered porch for shelter of bicycle or motorbike and double parking uncovered space .
View of the Castle and the town of Cison di Valmarino “One of the most beautiful towns ‘Italy’.

Casa di Nonna Silla is a house we rent in Cison di Valmarino. Not only a Bed and Breakfast.

The name was not chosen randomly this was really the House of Grandma Silla, a wonderful grandmother I loved and still love, even though she is not here with me anymore.

The house that originally belonged to the Florian family was a one-man house (the brick wall in the living room is proof, there was a door connecting it to the rest of the building), then it was divided between male children and this a piece was given to Giovanni Floriani, the dad of Grandma Silla.

I do not know much about what happened later, it all starts with my childhood memories.

I remember having always felt calling “Casa Vecia” (the Old House), witnessing many of the woods inside.

I remember learning how to cook tomato pastry and jam (especially chestnuts), prepare endless potato dumplings (I was the grilled apple).

Outside, before the restoration, there was a rosette that climbed along the entire facade full of fragrant pink flowers.

In the sub-port, my grandfather taught me to grab the corncobs, or scoop the pans (in dialect) with a rusty marching, to feed pigeons left without a dove dove.

As a young man, I was scattered from the lawn to the stable to feed her in hiding grass against rabbits, against my grandfather’s wish, who claimed that the animals could only eat hay and feeds worth the swelling of the belly.

Sitting on the outside steps, how many peas I peeled together with my grandmother, many of whom ended up raw in my little mouth.

So did I get the idea? This home like this country is part of me, my story and my childhood and sharing this with you, dear guests, makes me immensely happy. I hope you can discover in Cison the magic I’ve ever seen and discovered as a child. It is the country where it is lost, it is the country where children come back, it is the country of the world of fairy tales.

Our apartment is located in an area immersed in the quiet of the countryside, in a panoramic and quiet location, in the historical center of the city. “Casa di Nonna Silla” is a hospitable and refined structure in detail.

Travelers who will stay with us will appreciate and buy the products of local artisans, enjoy the sight of the places and experience the flavors of the place thanks to the various food and wine routes, follow cultural events and exhibitions, take long walks by hopping for the many gardens and beautiful landscapes in the area.

In the area surrounding our facility you will find several monuments and famous places.

Our property is the perfect place for all traveling families who will feel at home here, for business meetings and business meetings, for a romantic getaway in a quiet and private environment for those who want to spend a bit more time time in an unspoiled natural environment.

We will provide our guests with different bathroom facilities (private, exclusive, shared), heated environments, free return, parking, car parking, a well-kept garden, kitchenette and a large terrace.

You will be welcomed and assisted by Italian and English speaking managers.

Last but not least, we underline that the strategic position of our structure makes it perfect for the markets and Christmas glasses of the city.

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