The Romantic Night – A Cison Valmarino June 25, 2016

La Notte Romantica - Cison di Valmarino

Particular initiative and unprecedented for most beautiful villages in Italy: The Romantic Night, with which you want to celebrate the arrival of the summer solstice, giving appointment to all lovers in the streets of 250 Italian Villages.

The Romantic Night, White Night of lovers, will be held June 25 at 19.00 hours, or on Saturday following the summer solstice, and will be dedicated to love in every sense: love for your partner, for their land, for beauty, for the arts and nature.

The appointment is then set at Cison of Valmarino Square in Rome for a charming dinner in the sign of romance with cocktails and music entertainment strictly under the stars …
Info and reservations:
Elena Cristina 335 6994760 0438 977611
Loris Federico 331 6442810 335 7716015

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Buongiorno possiamo esserti utile?