Windsurfing World Championships 2017 at the Lake of Santa Croce

Campionati Mondiali di Windsurf 2017

Campionati Mondiali di Windsurf 2017

Is Italy to win the role as host and organizer thanks to the Italian Naval League of Belluno, which was awarded the performance, at the Lake of Santa Croce 30km from Cison di Valmarino, the 2017 World Youth Championship (U-20) & Masters (over 35) of the Formula Windsurfing class, a very challenging and spectacular discipline.

For the championship windsurfing championships are expected to attract over 120 athletes, coming from three continents. The format of the performance of the races of these classes is very similar to that of the races of the traditional sailboats, but with much greater speed and spectacularity. A challenge face to face with the wind (with gusts on the lake can reach up to 55km / h), made of tactics, speed and acrobatic maneuvers, with the best athletes in the world protagonists of a great sporting spectacle.

The Alpago and Cansiglio offer all types of outdoor sports, with all kinds of difficulties. The bike ride to sailing on the lake, trekking and mountain climbing to paragliding and hang gliding, from canyoning to kite surfing. This sport is in the Lake of Santa Croce a conjunction ideal thanks to special ventilation that ensuring a horizontal flow from south to north with high stability both magnitude and direction, allows a safe practice and easy to learn. In addition, the morphological structure of the valley allows a guaranteed flow in almost all year causing many practitioners from abroad to prefer this tourist destination.

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