Raduno al Bosco delle Penne Mozze 2016

Raduno Bosco Penne Mozze

Saturday 3 and Sunday, September 4, 2016 takes place the 45th edition of the “Raduno al Bosco delle Penne Mozze”. The gathering of the sections and groups Alpini, the Patriotic Association and the population is organized in the common desire that the right memory of the Fallen serves to give effect to the required national harmony.

The Forest of “Penne Mozze”
Opened on 8 October 1972 the Forest of “Penne Mozze” is situated in a panoramic position of the Treviso pre-alps in Cison di Valmarino. The memorial with the first group of stelae entitled to the Fallen of the Alpine province of Treviso was blessed on the Saturday before the bishop of Vittorio Veneto, Msgr. Antonio Cunial – Alpine chaplain last conflict.

On Sunday, in front of a beautiful setting of Alpine and family members of the fallen, after the flag-raising ceremony and military honors, it took place the opening ceremony with a greeting from the mayor of Cison Valmarino Marcello De Rosso, Mass celebrated by ‘Official Alpine Bishop, Paul Chiavacci, the speech of the President of the Chamber of Dr. Vittorio Veneto. Julius Salvadoretti and the official speech of the Secretary of State on. Francesco Fabbri, representing the Government.

The idea of creating this magnificent memorial was launched by Mario Altarui by our newspaper “Green Flame” in the fall of 1968 and reaffirmed by other items, until the establishment of a special committee that has made possible the inauguration of the Forest, in the centenary of the foundation of the Alpine corps. Every year since then, is placed a number of stele, currently over 2500.

taken from www.cison.it

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