XXXVII Rassegna ARTIGIANATO VIVO – Mercatini di Cison di Valmarino

Artigianato Vivo

On Saturday, August 5, the thirty-seventh edition of Vivian Craftsmanship is inaugurated. Attended every year by about 400,000 visitors, it is a truly unique event that opens up art, crafts and folklore, shows and exhibitions, encounters and cultural animations, a prestigious window on the country that from 2013 can be awarded the logo of “the most beautiful villages of Italy. “

The Vivian Crafts Show is one of the most anticipated summer events of the entire Veneto Region and is able to catalyze an increasing number of visitors and tourists, experts in the field and not, artists and men of culture, from all over Italy.

Cison di Valmarino once again becomes the capital of craftsmanship in order to meet tradition, art and folklore. A journey to the discovery of ancient knowledge and manual crafts, to recreate a curious open-air artisan workshop.

An event that celebrates the rites of manualism, the rediscovery of a knowledge and a technique, often passed down from generation to generation, which made the production made in Italy a worldwide boast. Small shopkeepers, artisan masters, ceramists, glass artists, metal, wood, leather and leather artists along the country’s most striking streets and villages will test their abilities, trying to impress visitors with their original products And strictly handmade. Care of detail, passion, research, use of different materials and experimentation blend in a turbine that involves all the senses. Much rich is also the proposal of local local products, to emphasize the strong link that binds us to our land.

The route, like every year, starts south of the town, from the Oasis of San Francesco, to trace through an evocative succession of narrow streets and glimpses of the beautiful old city center, to the central square of Rome, passing through places full of Charm and interest such as the little church of San Vito, the Cortivo de Otimo and the former Filanda area, to reach the former Brandino’s Cantine, a successful example of restoration and restoration of historic sites and from here to the west towards the Houses Marian.

The ingredients that explain the success of this initiative are always the same: over 200 craftsmen deployed along a route that embraces the historic center of Cison, six dining areas where you can taste typical foods and wines of our territory, musical performances of various kinds (Every evening at the same time)

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